editors responsibilities

Editors are the architect of our journals. Editors define the scope and policy of journal. Editors are accountable for the quality of the articles published in our journal. Editors are responsible to organize the content of our journal according to our journal’s publications style and editorial policy. Editors define the role and responsibilities of reviewers and authors.
Editors are responsible to coordinate, monitor and ensure the quality, transparent and timely peer review process. Editors invite two or more reviewers for each manuscript with relevant subject expertise to review the manuscript. However editors may sometime reject a manuscript without external peer review if manuscript is outside the scope of the journal or does not meet the quality standard, limited scientific merit or lacks originality. Editors may invite selected reviewers to join on our journal editorial board of the journal.

Editors are responsible to evaluate and consolidate reviewer’s comments on the manuscript, communicate his decision on the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript along with reviewers comments to the authors. Also, editors will ensure that there are no any kind of conflict of interest with the authors, reviewers, editorial board members and editorial assistants.

Editors supervise the editorial assistants who prepare, rewrite and edit the manuscripts to improve readability. Editors protect the confidentiality of author’s work submitted to our journal and ensure the same from reviewers and editorial assistants. Editors are responsible to describe, and implement policies for handling ethical issues or misconducts by reviewers or authors. Editors are responsible to maintain the quality of the papers published in our journal. Correction or erratum is published if any significant errors, retractions or expression of concern is received.

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